Rules of Speed Dating meetings during the Venture Day conference


1. Speed Dating – individual meetings of the Originators with the Investors
2. Investor – Venture Capital fund or an entrepreneur interested in investing in a given project presented by an Originator

§ 2

Subject matter and participants of Speed Dating
1. Speed Dating during the Venture Day conference involves meetings of the Originators with the Investors
2. Who can be an Originator?
Anyone who is a natural or legal person working in the sector of science, is a representative of any university looking for capital for commercialization of its inventions and/or results of scientific research, any spin-off or spin-out enterprise looking for capital for its products, any enterprise at an early stage of development or enterprise looking for financing of new innovative projects.

§ 3

Venture Day conference, including Speed Dating meetings, is organized by: the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Sp. z o. o.).

§ 4

The main aim of Speed Dating is to present and promote the most interesting innovative business projects, and to facilitate the contacts of Investors and Originators for further cooperation in commercialization of products and research results.

§ 5

Time and duration of Speed Dating
Speed Dating meetings will take place on 20 November 2015, in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, Trzy Lipy 3 Street, during the Venture Day conference. Each meeting will last up to 20 minutes. The precise time of the meeting will be provided to the participants vie e-mail not later than on 18 November 2015.

§ 6

Rules of participation
1. Submission of projects for individual meetings is free of charge.
2. Participation in Speed Dating is free of charge.
3. The Organizers shall bear the costs of Speed Dating organization.
4. The projects submitted by the Originators will be accepted regardless of the industry they pertain to.
5. The projects for Speed Dating should be submitted via the form at or the form saved in the doc. format and sent to us via e-mail.
6. Before a project can be accepted for an individual meeting with an Investor, it will be analysed and verified by a subject matter expert of the Venture Day conference. The project will be presented to potential Investors only if it obtains positive opinion of the subject matter partner.
7. The final decision whether to meet or not with a given Originator is made by an Investor.
8. The projects submitted by the Originators must not violate third party copyrights and shall be original.
9. The Originator shall declare that he or she takes on total unlimited responsibility for any claims of the third parties against the Organizers of the meetings, pertaining to any copyright infringements.
10. The Originator can be asked to submit additional information about the project, if according to the subject matter experts, the one provided in the form is insufficient.
11. Originators whose projects are qualified for Speed Dating individual meetings will be informed about it via e-mail message sent to the address provided in the application, not later than 14 days before the Venture Day conference.
12. Originators whose projects are qualified for Speed Dating by the experts have the right to participate in the Venture Day conference (20 November 2015) free of charge (a maximum of three persons representing the Originator are entitled to participate in the conference free of charge).
13. Originators whose projects were not qualified for Speed Dating by the experts can take part in Venture Day conference on 20 November 2015 on the general rules by purchasing a ticket for 100 zlotys net.
14. The Organizer shall not cover the cost of travel and accommodation incurred by the Originators and Investors.

§ 7

Organizer’s responsibilities:
1. The Organizer shall cover the cost of organization, conduct and promotion of the Venture Day Conference, including the individual meetings.
2. All personal data, information, documents and other materials submitted to the Organizer by Originators in reference to Speed Dating participation shall be treated as confidential and shall not be, without the Originator’s permission, disclosed or otherwise shared with third parties, except for Investors taking part in Speed Dating, who will be included in a list of names posted at, or except for other persons, in case of necessity resulting from the mandatory provisions of law.

§ 8

Final provisions
1. Participation in Speed Dating meetings is tantamount to the Originator’s agreement to the conditions listed in these Regulations.
2. The Originators may not appeal against the decision on qualification or disqualification of a given project.
3. The Regulations of Speed Dating are available at
4. The Regulations can be changed and the changes will come into effect at the moment they are made available on the conference website. The Organizer shall inform the Originators via e-mail about any changes of the Regulations.
5. Information about any changes in the date of the conference, including the date of Speed Dating meetings, will be made available at

These Regulations enter into force on 19.06.2015.